Tiffen Steadicam® parla di noi

Tiffen Steadicam®, il sistema originale di stabilizzazione della telecamera inventato negli anni ’70 da Garret Brown, ha postato sulla propria pagina Facebook l’esperienza della nostra Steadicam, aggiornata da poco con il nuovo sistema di stabilizzazione Volt. E sottolinea il fatto che siamo i primi in Europa a possedere questo innovativo sistema.

Marco Dardari Shared some photos of his Volt fitted to the first Clipper3 in Italy, and Europe!
“After more than a month with the Volt I can say that it is a fantastic tool, the right update and integration for a steadicam system. I like it!”
“The help it gives is essential for a perfect frame composition,
in more than a month I have used steadicam with Volt for different types of shooting:
Live Tv show with zoom/focus handle (with fast movements on singers / musicians, the Volt is incredible),
film-documentary (I shot a sequence at the sea with a very strong wind is the volt allowed me to keep the shot of the sea in perfect horizon),
and now I’m shooting a film between Dresden and Rome with Arri Alexa Mini and Cooke S4 lens.
Also very important tilt control, I’m constantly using the two modes depending on the type of shot.
I’m really appreciating the speed with which the Volt turns on and configures for post encoder alignment.
Another important point, no noise problem for the boom operator.
My Clipper324 with the Volt is now fantastic !! Congratulations!”
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